Blue Pea Tea


Anniebeans blue pea tea is the new in vogue blend that is made by seeping the dried butterfly-pea florets in water. This beautiful blend can be enjoyed both hot and cold, also it is caffeine free for all the decaf lovers. When plunged into boiling water, it re-embodies to an electric blue colour, giving a treat to your eyes before your taste buds dive into the divinity. To make it a more magical experience, adding a spritz or dash of lemon or lime to it makes it transform from blue to purple. The flavour of the tea is slightly earthy and woody, however gets tart once lime or lemon is added to it.

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There are numerous health benefits of this star concoction, they are:

  • This is an anti-ageing miracle, which stops the glaciation process (which is protein damage caused by an influx of sugar molecules)
  • The blue pea tea is high on antioxidants which are healthy and hearty
  • This aids in weight loss which makes you look like a lean machine
  • Promotes collagen production, so let’s chuck the dermatologist appointments andrelish a cup


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