Emperor’s White First Flush


Cleanse and treat your palate with Anniebeans Emperor’s white first flush, which exudes the zingy flavour of fruits and leaves a sweet trail of honey in the mouth. The aroma of this unique concoction is of Darjeeling with greenish open leaves. The fine white “pekoe” hair which cover these tea leaves give this tea its name. It is one of the finest blends of tea and have great benefits of antioxidants as the leaves are naturally oxidized by withering in the sun.

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Leaf appearance :Tippy greenish and open whole leaf

Infusion :Bright green whole leaves

Liquor Colour :Light Yellow

Flavour :Clean fresh flavor of fruits with a finish of honey

Aroma :Fresh aroma of Darjeeling

Aftertaste : Pleasant and mild

Tea type :First Flush White

Grade : First Flush

Elevation : 1500-3000 feet

Oxidation : Natural Oxidized duringWithering, No induced oxidation


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