HIBISCUS Organic Flower Tea


The star of Roselle family, Hibiscus is a powerful flower which possesses great properties along with its striking colour of the concoction when steeped. This herbal tea is made from the sepals of the Hibiscus Sabdriffa flower, which are crimson or deep magenta in appearance. The outstanding tangy, tart and reminiscent cranberry flavour is the derivative of Vitamin C richness in the tea leaves.

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The concoction helps in:

  • Regulating the spiked blood pressure.
  • Improvises heart health.
  • Has great immunomodulation properties.
  • Helps shedding those extra kilos, by losing excess weight.
  • Metabolism and digestion friendly.
  • Alleviates the menstrual pains and eases the cramping.


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