Lavender White Tea


Rise up the dopamine and calm thy senses with Anniebeans Lavender white tea, which reboots the nervous system to tranquillity. Not only this unique blend calms the neural pathway, but also induces a good night’s sleep. This tea made up with the dried buds of lavender flower buds, has amazingly delicate flavour and the aroma fills in the olfactory senses with joy. Our infusion has a beautiful tinge of aromatics like rosemary and mint with a floral and sweet flavour.

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The beneficial properties of Lavender white tea are:

  • This blend helps in calming down the neural pathways by inducing dopamine and reducing the levels of cortisol the stress hormone.
  • The lavender scent itself reduces the muscular spams.
  • It acts as a great immune modulator and boosts the immunity.
  • Amp up your respiratory health with this beautiful lavender white tea.


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