Red Thunder Gold


Let’s paint the town Red with Anniebeans Red thunder gold tea, the perfectly special and unique tea blend curated from well sorted and reddish tippy small black whole leaves. This outstanding infusion is coppery in its appearance with a bright orange tinge to it. The sweet muscatel flavour with dense notes of honey and ripened fruit. The well-defined and long lasting aftertaste. Rich in antioxidants makes it a popular blend amongst tea lovers.

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Leaf appearance :Well sorted,Tippy reddish black small whole leaves

Infusion :Coppery

Liquor Colour :Bright Orange

Flavour :Sweet flavour Muscate flavour with dense notes of ripe fruit and honey

Aroma :Fresh aroma of Darjeeling special autumn flush

Aftertaste :Well-defined and long lasting and exquisite

Tea type : Clonal Autumn Tea

Grade :FTGFOP1 Red Thunder Gold

Elevation :5500 – 7000 feet

Oxidation :Well Oxidized


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