Summer Beauty Muscatel


The summer beauty muscatel from our house of Anniebeans is a beautiful summer tea made from the well sorted, blackish brown whole leaves and comprises of few silverfish tips. The beautiful tea leaves create magic when brewed with beautiful flavours of sweet, fruity muscatel character and have a striking finishing of honey and mango.

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Leaf appearance :Well sorted, brownish black whole leaves & few silver tips

nfusion :Fresh and Coppery

Liquor Colour :Orange

Flavour :Mouthful, Sweet, fruity muscatel character with a finish of hone & mango

Aroma :Fresh aroma of Darjeeling

Aftertaste : Heavenly feeling with a pleasant and distinct after taste

Tea type :New Season Second Flush Tea

Grade : FTGFOP1 Enigma

Elevation :3000 – 4000 feet

Oxidation :Almost fully oxidized


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